Monday, September 19, 2016

Logs from today 19/9/16 uploaded

Hi everyone

It was a good morning into JA today, lots in the log and this afternoon it was quite good into Europe. Currently there have been 1655 QSOs made, the breakdown is:

62%   Europe
29%   Asia
  5%   North America
  4%   Oceania
<1%   Africa

If you're not in the log and thought you made a QSO, please email me at

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Possible extra time on the island on September 19

I'm also hoping to be available on the island later on September 19 at 0500 to 0730 UTC on 20m SSB

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Special activation for Japan on OC-228

Based on band conditions and the times I am allowed to be on the island, in the future I will only be visiting OC-228 in the 0400-0800 UTC period on 20m. This is the most productive times for Europe and North America. However for Asia, the band is opening on 20m just as I need to QRT due to rules on the island.

Monday September 19th is a special day in Japan - the National holiday of "Respect for the Aged Day".

With so many amateur radio operators in Japan not needing to be at work, I will be on the air especially to give people a chance to get OC-228 in the log. This is a once off chance for Japan. With a little bit of luck there may be some stations in North America that can get in the log too.

I will be operating on 15m SSB from 2200 UTC on Sunday September 18 to 0200 UTC on Monday September 19.

73s Craig VK5CE

Update from today Sep 13



I almost gave up today as it was very heavy rainfall and I was hiding under raincoats and a tarp, I took shelter in a different location on the island which was OK for long path Europe but no good for Asia or North America.

Don't worry guys its spring now and so I'll be able to go back to the location the location with a water path to SP JA - SP NA and LP EU from now on.

If you haven't got me yet, dont worry, I'm going to keep visiting until demand is satisfied

Currently there have been 1267 QSOs made in 16 hours, the breakdown is:

65%   Europe
24%   Asia
  6%   North America
  4%   Oceania
<1%   Africa

If you're not in the log and thought you made a QSO, please email me at

Friday, September 9, 2016

Next activation dates and times

Hi everyone the next activations on Granite Island will be:

Tuesday September 13 at 0400 to 0730 UTC on 20m SSB - the focus will be looking for North America in the 0400 to 0500 UTC period and hopefully long path will be open to Europe during 0400-0730 UTC.  

Sunday September 18 2300 UTC to Monday September 19 0300 UTC on 15m SSB. Monday is a public holiday in Japan on this day so this will give the chance for Japanese operators to work me on their day off from work.

73s Craig VK5CE

Monday, September 5, 2016

Results of todays operation on September 5

Oh my god, band conditions were REALLY REALLY REALLY bad today. Only 138 QSOs in the 0400 to 0800 UTC period and most of these were in the last hour. In the previous two visits, it was open to North America and Europe from 0400 UTC on 20m but things didn't really happen until 0700 UTC. I was talking to a W7 who said I was the only station on the band and I could see from DX Summit that there were very few spots being announced for anyone.

But I'm sure those who made it in the log today are still glad I made the trip to the island.

Oh well these things happen. The good thing about OC-228 is that I'm going to visit multiple times so if band conditions are crap like they were today, at least you all know I be visiting there again soon.

Make sure you visit the VK IOTA facebook page and 'like' the page so that you can keep up to date on my next visit.

I've uploaded the logs from today (see the club log logo on the right hand side of this page).

Currently there have been 984 QSOs made, the breakdown is:

57%   Europe
30%   Asia
  7%   North America
  5%   Oceania
<1%   Africa

If you're not in the log and thought you made a QSO, please email me at

Friday, September 2, 2016

Next activation date/times

Hi everyone

Based on the weather, the end of next week might be too wet - my operation position is open to the elements and no tents/structures are permitted.

So I will be going to the island earlier at the following date/time:

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 5 at 0400 to 0730 UTC on 20m SSB

I'll be able to spot my exact frequency once I'm on the island.

Sponsors who send in $5 or more will continue to receive an automatic QSL card (no need to send me a card or do OQRS)

For North American stations, based on the activation last week, the best times to work me are 0400 to 0500 UTC, this was when I worked AZ, CA, CO, IN, KS, LA, MA, NJ, NY, OK, TX, UT and Mexico. At 0500 to 0600 UTC there were only AZ, CA, WA and Alaska.