Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Update from today Sep 13



I almost gave up today as it was very heavy rainfall and I was hiding under raincoats and a tarp, I took shelter in a different location on the island which was OK for long path Europe but no good for Asia or North America.

Don't worry guys its spring now and so I'll be able to go back to the location the location with a water path to SP JA - SP NA and LP EU from now on.

If you haven't got me yet, dont worry, I'm going to keep visiting until demand is satisfied

Currently there have been 1267 QSOs made in 16 hours, the breakdown is:

65%   Europe
24%   Asia
  6%   North America
  4%   Oceania
<1%   Africa

If you're not in the log and thought you made a QSO, please email me at vk5ce@yahoo.com.au

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